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What are the e-Vouchers?

e-Vouchers and Introduction Fees are part of our reward program. For every yearly quarter (3 calendar months), we will credit an e-Voucher to your account upon achieving of your minimum purchase requirement.
For the details of minimum purchase requirement kindly refer to What is BETTER Giveback Plan?

Where can I redeem the Giveback e-Vouchers?

Giveback e-Vouchers will auto credited to your account on the next financial quarter if you achieved the minimum spending requirement of RM333.00 per quarter.

Can I purchase products which is different value with my e-Voucher?

Yes, of course! You can always purchase any products which is different value!
If the price of product is greater than your e-Voucher, you will be required to pay and top up the balances
If the price of product is lesser than your e-Voucher, the remaining e-Voucher value will not be refund

Do I always have to use all my e-Vouchers?

If the product price is below the value of the e-Voucher then it is not advisable to use the e-Voucher as the balance will NOT be retained on the e-Voucher.
If the product price is greater than the e-Voucher then all the e-Voucher balance will be used and you may top up the balances with payment during checkout.

Is my e-Voucher refundable, transferable and exchangeable for cash?

No. e-Voucher is non-refundable, non-transferable and non-exchangeable for cash.

Will my e-Voucher expire?

Yes, all e-Vouchers have validity of 1 quarter. For instance, e-Vouchers credited into your account in 2nd quarter must redeem before the end of 2nd quarter. No replacements or extension will be given for expired e-Vouchers.

Can I split my e-Vouchers into different transaction?

No, each e-Voucher can only be used in a single transaction.

What is Welcome e-Voucher?

Welcome e-Voucher is a complimentary e-Voucher (worth RM88.00) upon signed up as a new member. Welcome e-Voucher will be credited into your e-Voucher account in the same quarter upon signed up. For instance, new member signed up during 1st Quarter, the Welcome e-Voucher will be credited to you e-Voucher account in the 1st Quarter.