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How To Earn
Lifetime Continuous Passive Income


Important Notes:

1) A member can ONLY sign-up 3 first -generation members and is authorised to build an Organisation consisting of a total of 5 Generations.

2) Each member recruited under your 1st Generation shall in turn be allowed to ONLY sign-up 3 of their own 1st generation members and so on and so forth.

3) In BETTER, our cut-off period are divided into every 3 months i.e. 4 quarters in a year. For the sake of avoidance of doubt, the division of the quarters are as per below:

a) 1st Quarter: 1st January (00:00:01) till 30th March (24:00:00)
b) 2nd Quarter: 1st April (00:00:01) till 30th June (24:00:00)
a) 3rd Quarter: 1st July (00:00:01) till 30th September (24:00:00)
a) 4th Quarter: 1st October (00:00:01) till 31th December (24:00:00)

Remarks: Commission will be paid out quarterly in the month succeeding the end of every quarter. For instance, commission for 1st Quarter will be paid at the end of April.

4) Quarterly Spending Requirement of RM 333.00 is only calculated based on products purchase. The Add-On Value at e-Voucher purchase and courier charges will not included in the calculation of Quarterly Spending Requirement.

Sharing Kit

We are very confident with our excellent product quality so much so that we believe 99% of all users who try our product will fall in love with it and find it suitable for their use/consumption. Therefore, our strategy differs from any you have ever come accross whereby we are willing to let our potential member/s try our product before we let them decide on whether they want to join BETTER. We don’t want our members to regret or feel that they have wasted their money just because they want to entertain the introducer. We do not want them to become a one time buyer. Therefore, we have designed an introductory kit called "SHARING KIT" for potential members to try out before we let them decide whether they want to sign up as member.

SHARING KITS will be given FREE to all new members. A new member will receive 3 sets of SHARING KITS automatically upon successful sign-up. Members are required to giveaway the SHARING KITS to their closest friends and family members in hope that they will use and introduce BETTER products in turn to their closest friends and family members.

Remarks: 1) In the case whereby a member needs additional "SHARING KITS", the kits can be purchased at the price of RM 38.80 per set.

2) Only members who has not achieved his or her 3 member-sign up for 1st Generation is allowed to purchase the SHARING KITS.