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1. The shopping period of BETTER Giveback Plan

In BETTER, our shopping cut-off period is every 3 months (meaning that there are only 4 quarters in a year). In order to avoid any confusion, the shopping period of each quarter is as follows:

a) Q1 (1st Quarter): 1st January (00:00:01) till 31st March (24:00:00)

b) Q2 (2nd Quarter): 1st April (00:00:01) till 30th June (24:00:00)

c) Q3 (3rd Quarter): 1st July (00:00:01) till 30th September (24:00:00)

d) Q4 (4th Quarter): 1st October (00:00:01) till 31th December (24:00:00)

2. How to calculate the Quarterly Minimum Purchase Requirement of RM333.00

All your quarterly consumption in BETTER will be included in the calculation of Quarterly Minimum Purchase Requirement of RM333.00. Except the following items:

a) One-time fee of RM88.00 for new member registration.

b) e-Vouchers used to purchase products.

c) Extra amount paid for products purchased using e-Voucher

d) Courier charges.

3. Issuing date of Introduction Fees

Introduction Fees will be paid out quarterly in the month succeeding the end of every quarter of the year. For instance, the Introduction Fees for the 1st Quarter will be paid at the end of April.

4. Member discounted prices

All members can purchase BETTER products at a discounted member price.

5. Can non-members buy skin care products from BETTER

Of Course Can. Non-members can email to BETTER's Email: sales@better.com.my to place their order, but it has to be purchased at the original price.

6. Other Important Notes

1) Only Malaysian citizens over 18 years of age can apply to become members of BETTER.

2) One person can only registered one BETTER account. (Based on personal identification number as evidence).

3) All payments must be made through SENANGPAY (ASEAN's leading payment system and registered with the National Bank of Malaysia). We only accept direct online banking (FPX) and credit card (MasterCard™, Visa™) payments.

4) All transactions are conducted in Malaysian Ringgit (RM) only.

5) All orders will be dispatched by our courier company to the shipping address you specified.

7. Courier Charges

West Malaysia : RM8.00 (one time courier fee)

East Malaysia : RM22.00 (one time courier fee)

Remarks: Regardless the sizes and weights of the parcel, courier fee is charged based on one time courier service required.