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Once you have registered new members under your recording system and purchase a minimum of RM333.000 BETTER skincare products in a quarter, you will be eligible to receive a Introduction Fees for that particular quarter.

The calculation method of the BETTER Giveback Plan is incredibly simple and straightforward, it doesn't involve any complicated calculation. As long as you have spent a minimum of RM333.00 on BETTER products within the quarter, you will receive 5% from the total of purchases made by your entire recording system as your Introduction Fees without any hidden conditions.

BETTER's Giveback Plan will make you the main character in the story of "Good Thing", with just a mere introduction of a product, then you keep earning bonuses from other people's consumption.

With BETTER's giveback plan there is no need to learn anything, work, spend time researching market information or take risky investments but at the same time, it will allow you to continuously earning bonuses in every quarter. Therefore, joining BETTER will definitely be the best "passive income" of your life.




Will I need to manage or operate my recording system?

Our role at BETTER is help to record and keep track of the bonuses that you deserve. The only condition for eligibility for the Introduction Fees is that you purchase a sum of at least RM333.00 on BETTER products in a quarter (every 3 months). In other words, with this plan you get bonuses with minimal effort, just "Take Care Of Yourself". There is neither a need to manage or operate your organization nor worry about eligibility of others team members for their Introduction Fees. Because all these factors will not affect your eligibility for receiving the Introduction Fees.

Do I need to worry about the progress of recruiting new team members by the other team members?

We are very confident with the quality and selling prices of our BETTER products. According to our product survey, many mid-priced and high-priced consumers like the quality of our BETTER products very much, and are surprised with our selling price which is so much lower compared to other luxurious brands. In addition, with BETTER's Giveback Plan, bonuses and the recruitment of new members are easily attainable. We believe that anyone who visits our website and have tried our products will definitely love it and will not hesitate to join your team soon. Therefore, we expect that all members will have a smooth recruiting process.

Upon joining BETTER, will there be any training required?

We believe that the most effective way to rate a product is to allow potential members to experience it for themselves instead of lobbying or using sales techniques. Therefore, you do not need to learn about products. All you need to do is distribute our "sharing kit" to your family and friends who are interested with BETTER products for sampling and tell them your opinions regarding BETTER products.

There is no need for any training or courses to help you to recruit new team members or qualify for the Introduction Fees. Detailed explanations of all our products and the Giveback Plan are available on our BETTER website. You only need to share the BETTER website with your potential members for the relevant information and for them to try out the products from the "Sharing Kit".

Do I have a sales target to achieve?

BETTER will not set any quarterly performance requirements for you and your recording system. As long as you fulfilled the minimum purchase of RM333.00 on BETTER skincare products in a quarter, you will be eligible for the Introduction Fees of that quarter.

Do I need to deal with orders, complaints, delivery and provide after-sales services for my team members?

Members can only purchase BETTER skincare products directly via BETTER's official website. If there are any enquiries or complaints, members can contact our customer service on our BETTER website. Therefore, all members will not be dealing with such matters including the service your team members at all.

After completing the task of recruiting my first generation of team members, are there any other tasks?

BETTER Giveback Plan is just a plan of returns. You are not obligated to perform any other tasks or sales activities for BETTER. You only need to recruit the first-generation members for your own recording system. (The crucial starting point for the growth of your recording system members.)

There is no such thing as hoarding products.

In order to prevent members from worrying about hoarding products, BETTER has extended the period of purchase from the commonly employed one month to three months. This is to ensure that members have a longer period of time to plan their purchases well, buying only the skincare products they need.

BETTER does not require members to purchase a large number of products at a go or long-term, in order to receive higher Introduction Fees. Adopting this method forces members to buy products in large quantities and often in excess leading eventually to the members having to sell their products that are in excess.



A reward plan with no promoting system.

Ever heard of a reward plan without a need to promote? A reward plan with a promoting system is devised help the company to make more profits. In order to upgrade, members are required to purchase more products to achieve the purpose of upgrading. After upgrading, members will inevitably need to continously buy more products to maintain their new status.

BETTER's Giveback Plan is just a plan of returns. Our role is to systematically record and calculate the "Introduction fees" that belong to you and award it to you in the form of bonuses. BETTER is not involved in direct selling where you have to work hard, continuously recruit new members, continue to sell and have new goals that need achieving.

Will I offend my family or friends?

In order to avoid any unwanted scenarios, BETTER has made the process of recruitment as uncomplicated as possible. We only need you to share our BETTER website with them at the right timing. If he/she is interested, offer the free "Sharing Kit" and encourage him/her to try it immediately. There is no need to lobby or stress your potential team members out. Allow them decide for themselves. Remember, your only role is to "introduce", not sell.



Will joining BETTER become a burden?

We believe that members have used other brands of skincare products before ours. After joining BETTER, the expenses from buying other brands of skincare products will be used to buy BETTER skincare products. Moreover, the selling price of BETTER skincare products are relatively lower compared to products of the same quality on the market. Therefore, choosing BETTER products will in fact not only reduce your burden but also save you money.


BETTER Giveback Plan is not a get-rich-quick plan or a plan where you get huge profits in a short period of time. Rather, it is a rewarding plan that allows members to receive a form of passive income automatically and continuously on a quarterly basis. One where members do not need to spend time and effort to earn this passive income.

Even though you might not reap much from the rewards of the plan in the beginning, you would have started enjoying our BETTER products at a lower price compared to those in the market and with a minimum spend of RM 333.00 in a quarter, you'll be awarded a Giveback e-Voucher worth RM 88.00 for your next quarter with us. So better and more choices with BETTER skincare products for the next quarter. So what are you waiting for? Hurry up and join BETTER now!!!