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"Because of YOU", BETTER has the opportunity of more people knowing about us. And from there, new members recommended directly or indirectly from your recording system. We understand that members under your 2nd, 3rd, 4th and 5th Generations might not be recommended by you but we believe that their registration is all because of your initial effort. We therefore want to reward you for that initial effort continuously as much as possible.


What are the rewards in BETTER Giveback Plan?

a) Receive Introduction Fees of up to RM6,000.00 in every quarter (3 months). (Please refer to our "Introduction Fees Calculation Method" page, which is under "Introduction Fees" on the top menu bar for a better understanding of the simple calculation method.)

b) Receive an e-Voucher worth RM88.00. This e-Voucher can be used to purchase any items from our products catalogue including promotional items. (Please refer to the "e-Voucher" page, which is under "Introduction Fees" on our top menu bar for more details.)

Conditions to obtain BETTER Introduction Fees

Members will only need to fulfill 2 conditions to receive the Introduction Fees in every quarter.

Condition 1: You already have at least one team member

Condition 2: Spend a minimum of RM333.00 on BETTER skin care products in a quarter (3 months).

Why do I need to recruit my first-generation members? Didn't you say no effort was required?

Your recording system needs a starting point to expand. Therefore, all you need is a "one-time" recruiting task of finding your 3 first-generation team members. Then each of your first-generation team members will recruit another 3 new team members as their first-generation team members in their own recording system.

The "first-generation team members" recruited by your first-generation team member, will automatically become your second-generation team members, and so on. And at the end of it, you would have built an recording system with 5 generations. Upon successful recruitment of your first-generation team members, basically you no longer need to participate in any recruitment process of other team members in your recording system.

Why is there a Minimum Purchase Requirement in every quarter (3 months)?

Assuming that if members intend to join only for the rewards but without spending, then how can members earn bonuses? As all the bonuses are calculated according to the spending of the team members in the recording system, thus, we believe that this requirement will be fair to all members and it will help you to recruit team members who actually enjoy using BETTER skincare products. Therefore, the team members will continuously purchase the products according to their needs and at the same time you can continuously earn bonuses from their purchase in every quarter.

Our study shows that the amount of RM333.00 is that of a basic consumer of skincare products based on their usage patterns. Market surveys have shown that most skincare product users purchase more than this amount every quarter before they joined BETTER.

BETTER uses the Pyramid calculation mode to calculate your Introduction Fees

Our initial plan when we came up with BETTER's Giveback Plan was for the members to earn only from their referred team members with unlimited recruitment, but instead we decided to go with the pyramid calculation mode ensuring more gains for our valued members. With the adoption of pyramid calculation mode, members will only need to recruit 3 first-generation team members but reap the rewards from the total purchases of subsequent generations of as much as 300 members of 5 generations, all from recruiting only 3 first generation team members. There wouldn't be a need for members to constantly strive and labour to recruit in order to earn introduction fees. With this calculation method, introduction fees can be as much as RM 6,000 every quarter.

BETTER Giveback Plan is a very caring plan, with a purchase deadline of 3 months instead one month.

Why is the shopping period of one quarter (3 months) an advantage for members? Because of the three-month shopping period, members will have more time to plan and purchase only the skin care products they need. Members do not need to spend on a monthly basis, in order to meet the requirements to receive bonuses. Purchases made in a hurry in every month, will definitely lead to purchase of a lot of unwanted products.

A giveback plan with no penalty at all.

BETTER will not impose any penalties on members who does not fulfill the minimum purchase requirement of RM333.00. But this however means that the member will not be eligible for the Introduction Fees and e-Voucher worth RM88.00 for that particular quarter.

If however the member does fulfill the minimum purchase amount of RM333.00 in the following quarter, he/she will automatically be eligible again to receive the Introduction Fees and e-Voucher worth RM88.00 in that quarter.