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adheres to 2 Principles

& 3 Assurances:

Principle 1

The quality of BETTER products must be the best

Principle 2

The price of BETTER products must be the cheapest among the products with equivalent quality.

Assurance 1

A lifetime of returns with one introduction.

Assurance 2

BETTER Giveback Plan is just a plan with returns.

Assurance 3

Members will not need an in-depth knowledge of our products or the referral giveback system at all. There is no need for selling, promoting products or the need to operate and manage the recording system. On top of all that, there are no sales target and other tasks.

BETTER has successfully unlocked a brand new giveback plan. The purpose of this plan is to allow you to "make money while buying".


How does BETTER achieve high quality at low price with our products while offering members bonuses to earn?


Principle 1 & 2

In order to offer quality products at affordable prices, we have undergone significant steps in cost-cutting. Firstly, the products are produced in mass production and raw materials are bought in bulk. Secondly, we eliminated the involvement of middlemen or brokers . Thirdly, our products are only available through BETTER official website therefore there isn't a need for a physical shop.


Assurance 1 & 2

When you had successfully enrolled members in your recording system and spend a minimum of RM333.00 on our BETTER products in a quarter, you will earn 5% from the total purchases of your entire recording system as your Introduction Fees. The Introduction Fees for every quarter (3 months) can be as high as RM6,000.00.


Assurance 3

BETTER believes that when members come across quality products they will eagerly want to share it with their family and friends. However, words might not do a good product justice. Thus, BETTER has specially prepared FREE "sharing kits" for our members to pass to their family and friends to sample.


The source of the bonuses

By way of word-of-mouth there is no need to spend a huge budget on business, advertising and marketing. Therefore, we will reward members with all these saved expenses by giving it to them in the form of Introduction Fees.

The diagram explain How does BETTER achieve high quality at low price with our products while offering members bonuses to earn


BETTER skin care product quality and production control

All our manufacturers are carefully selected and they must demonstrate the strictest adherence to our quality control system. Our manufacturers are required to first be certified under the International Organization for Standardization (ISO) and must follow Good Manufacturing Practices (GMP). We do not compromise on quality.

BETTER strictly insists that all skin care products sold by BETTER are 100% free from harmful chemicals. Not only that, our products also does not contain any animal-derived ingredients and we are also firmly against testing our products on animals.

In addition to that, we can also ensure that all skin care products offered by BETTER fulfill the requirements of all Malaysian religion and culture. All Malaysians can freely use BETTER skin care products without any hesitation.