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Reward Plan

What is Reward Plan?

BETTER's vision goes beyond customer satisfaction, we emphasis on members extra residual income through a well-balanced, righteous and generous reward plan!
Instead of spending a big chunk money on advertising, printed publicity materials, influencer or ambassadors program, BETTER save the cost and reward it to our customer as a referrals appreciation token.

How to qualified for Reward Commission?

Very simple! Ensure you spend a minimum of RM333.00 in 1 quarter.

What are the Rewards I can get?

By spending a minimum of RM333.00 in 1 quarter.
1) You will entitled for commission in monetary form up to 5 generations x 5% from all spending in your organisation.
2) Received e-Voucher worth RM88.00 to purchase BETTER products.

How the Reward Commission paid out?

Your Reward Commissions are paid by direct credit into your bank account. Commission will be paid out quarterly in the month succeeding the end of every quarter. For instance, commission for 1st Quarter will be paid at the end of April. To receive your commission on time, please do ensure your bank account information provided is all correct.

How can I change my commission payment bank information?

You may change your bonus payment bank information online by logging in to www.better.com.my and updating your bank information in the 'My Account' section, under 'Payment Details'.

How can I get my e-Voucher?

e-voucher will auto credit into your account at e-voucher column. Any member who spend RM333.00 in a single quarter will be awarded an e-voucher worth RM88.00 in the next quarter. For instance, e-voucher gained during the 1st Quarter will be credit to your e-voucher account in the 2nd Quarter.

When is the Sales Closing Date

In BETTER, our cut-off period are divided into every 3 months i.e. 4 quarters in a year. For the sake of avoidance of doubt, the division of the quarters are as per below:
a) 1st Quarter: 1st January (00:00:01) till 30th March (24:00:00)
b) 2nd Quarter: 1st April (00:00:01) till 30th June (24:00:00)
c) 3rd Quarter: 1st July (00:00:01) till 30th September (24:00:00)
d) 4th Quarter: 1st October (00:00:01) till 31th December (24:00:00)