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Let us unveil the inspiration behind BETTER's Giveback Plan by using the following "Good Thing" as a storyline for better understanding.

Example: You consume a bowl of delicious noodles at a noodle stall and told a few friends about it - 'Group A'. 'Group A' then decides to go to the same noodle stall to taste the noodles. As a token of appreciation for your 'sharing', the owner of the noodle stall rewards you with a 5% remuneration from the total spending of Group A.

Subsequently, Group A introduces several of their friends, 'Group B' to this particular stall. This sequence of events eventually lead to 'Group B' introducing this stall to 'Group C' and then 'Group C' to 'Group D' and so on. The compounding effect of the initial introduction from you and then 'Group A' eventuated in more and more groups visiting this stall. The owner of the stall assumes that this opens up possibilities of other groups such as B, C, D and E eventually visiting the stall stemming from your initial 'sharing' with Group A. Therefore, as a token of appreciation for your 'sharing', the noodle stall owner rewards you with a 5% remuneration from the total spending of Groups A, B, C, D and E from that day forth.

Have you ever dreamt that this "Good Thing" existed in the world? And will this "Good Thing" ever happen for you? ? ?

All members of BETTER only need to promote the benefits of BETTER for one time, and that "Good Thing" can happen for you too. This is called "A Lifetime of Returns with One Introduction" plan.

How can this "Good Thing" happen for you?

BETTER's Giveback Plan is only a plan with returns that will allows you to continue earning "Introduction Fees" from every purchase made by each of your team members. The role of BETTER is only systematically record and calculate the Introduction Fees that belong to you and award it to you in the form of bonuses.

First, join us as a BETTER member. Then we will build a recording system for you to keep track of the total consumption of your A, B, C, D and E in each quarter (every 3 months), and calculate the Introduction Fees that you should receive in each quarter.

Next, you can recruit up to 3 A's. Why do we call it "recruitment" instead of an "introduction"? The potential team member/s introduced by you must first agree to join your recording system and names you as the person who referred them when they fill up the membership information. After that, these 3 A's will become your key source of gaining Introduction Fees in BETTER's Giveback Plan.



In order to ensure our members receive lucrative introduction fees every quarter, we included one condition, that is that a member has to spend a minimum of RM333.00 on BETTER products in a quarter, for him/her to be eligible for introduction fees for that particular quarter. With this condition present, you will be more likely to recruit members who actually enjoy using BETTER's skincare products and ensuring that you 'continuously' receive a lucrative introduction fees from the spending of your team member.

Once a member had consumed a minimum of RM333.00 in a quarter to pruchase BETTER's products, he/she will be awarded an e-Voucher worth RM 88.00. That e-Voucher can be used to purchase any items in our catalogue. This means that you will have more budget in next quarter to purchase the BETTER's products that you love.

To learn more about the details of the process, please continue reading our BETTER website.