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Who are my potential team members?

There is no need for any marketing because you only need just 3 people as your first generation team members. All you only need to do is share this special plan with the people closest to you who trust you.

The best candidates are of course your dearest friends and family.


A team member recruitment method as easy as ABC

We have prepared a set of methods for you, you can easily recruit team members without having to learn about our products or marketing techniques. Please refer to the following steps:


It's that simple and I don't have to learn anything? The answer is YES.

You don't have to worry about recruiting team members who are not able to recruit new team members.

You might have wondered what would happen if the recruited team members aren't able to recruit new team members.

Relax! ! ! We have a very simple solution for that. We call it the "Unilateral Release of Team Members" system.

If you find that one of your first-generation team members e.g. "Z" is unable to recruit new team members, you can unilaterally release your teammate relationship with Z. After the team member relationship of Z is released, Z and his entire recording system will be transferred directly from your recording system to the BETTER recording system. You then can proceed with recruiting the missing person of your first-generation of team members.

After being transferred to the BETTER recording system, all rights of Z will remain unchanged. Z will still continue to purchase BETTER products at member's price. When Z buys BETTER products exceeding RM333.00 within a quarter, Z will still get the e-Voucher of RM88.00. Z can still continue to recruit team members for his own recording system, and receive Introduction Fees issued every quarter.

The purposes of the "Unilateral Release of Team Members" system are:

1) Avoid disputes or unpleasant situations between you and your first-generation team members regarding the issue of recruiting new team members.

2) Allows you to recruit members interested in BETTER without any worries.

3) Make sure that the team members you recruit are all capable of recruiting their first generation of new team members.

The rules of the "Unilateral Release of Team Members" system:

a) The release of teammate relationship with your first-generation team member does not require a reason.

b) You can only dissociate with your own first-generation team members.

c) The rights of all team members transferred to the BETTER recording system will remain unchanged.



BETTER practices a "TRY BEFORE BUYING" strategy in the process of recruiting new team members. Share our BETTER official website with your friends and family for them to read and learn about BETTER products and Giveback Plan. Then, encourage he/she to try the product. Finally, let him/her to decide whether the product is suitable for him/her, and whether to join BETTER as a member.

It is important of not forcing your family or freinds to join BETTER. Every member who choose to join BETTER must because of they like the quality and price of BETTER's products. Never force him/her to join BETTER, because he/she will only choose to join BETTER under your pressure and become a one-time buyer.

BETTER hopes that when our members use our BETTER skincare products, it gives them a sense of happiness and satisfaction. With BETTER's Giveback Plan offering continuous earnings from Introduction Fees, we hope to also improve their quality of life.